Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summer's Must Haves

Summer is in full swing and designers are already promoting Fall Fashion. But before you turn your attention to Fall, amp up your current Summer wardrobe with these Summer must haves. Just 5 pieces will take your Summer wardrobe from drab to fab.

  • Pop of color - If you are stuck in a neutral rut, get out of it. Adding color is easy.


  • Floral - Florals have been ramping up, and are now in full bloom.

  • Tribal - This fun look is right on trend. Buy this look in a seasonless fabric or piece, and it can transition straight into Fall.

  • Espadrille flats - Always in style, a pair of these will get plenty of use year after year.


  • Stripes -  If you find stripes too much to tackle from head to toe, then buy a striped accessory.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Be true to you

     One of the things I consistently deal with when meeting clients, is merging being authentic with the need to conform. Of course your profession can dictate a certain amount of conformity, allowing for little self expression in the work place. And although there isn't a lot you can do about the dress code requirements in the work place, I am a firm believer in expressing yourself in your dress. You convey who you are and make lasting impressions with your attire. This is why I encourage authenticity first and foremost in all you do, including in something that may seem as trivial as your dress.

     People highly underestimate the impact your image plays in everything from your personal to professional life, and everywhere in between. Careers can stay stagnant and relationships can be hindered, all because you fail to convey the right message with your appearance.

     Not only does your appearance influence the way others interact with you, but it can also have an impact on your psyche. When you wear something you are comfortable in, you stand taller and feel better, among other things. Really! It's proven. Who of us hasn't worn something solely because it was trendy or what everyone in your circle is wearing, but felt uncomfortable the whole time. People sense that you are uncomfortable and that can translate to lack of confidence. Certainly not the image anyone wants to convey!

     All that being said, people are naturally drawn to authenticity and confidence. So, if you feel  you may be not be conveying those traits, take a look at your clothes.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Trendy vs. Fashionable

     New Trends!  You see them all over the runways and in stores everywhere.  Trending now: A huge influx of color. Suddenly women who were in a neutral rut are embracing color like never before. 

     Don't get me wrong, I love seeing this color revolution.  I have embraced color over the years regardless of whether it was the "in" thing to do or not.  But why does something have to become a trend before we take it on?  Who says we have to wait around for the "fashion gods" to dictate what we should wear and what we will look good in?

     This is what separates the trendy from the fashionable.  A fashionable women knows what colors, styles, cuts and fabrics do and don't look good on them. They wear what does looks good on them, finding ways to make it current regardless of whether it's trendy or not. 

     Perfect example: Popular right now are both bold colors, and on the flip side, sherbet hued pastels. But not everyone can wear both these trends. Women with strong coloring can typically wear the bold colors, but someone with fair features will be overpowered in those colors. So, the women with fairer features do well to choose the pastel trend over the bold one. This goes for any trend.  Some will work for you and some just won't. So either make it work for you, or know when it just doesn't, and opt out of the trend altogether. Better yet, become what I consider fashionable and start your own trend!

     How?  By going out of your comfort zone.  My challenge to you: Start wearing things you only look fabulous in, trendy or not.  This is the secret of many European women.  They strike a balance between their individuality, what works for their body type, and classic lines.  And they never give in to wearing something just because it's the "in" thing to do.  Do this yourself and you can't go wrong.  You may even look like you paved the way for a new trend.  And chances are, it will be a trend again soon enough!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Women's trends that make men cringe!

So, it's the latest trend! But, before you embrace these trends and fill your closet full of them, you may want to read on to see which are major turnoffs to men. Now, don't get me wrong, I am not saying that you shouldn't wear these items simply because most men don't like them. After all, we should be dressing to please ourselves first and foremost, but it's worth noting that the general consensus among men is they are a turn off. I have to say, for the most part, I agree with the men!

1. Uggs - These boots and those similar in style, topped the list as the most hated trend. Nothing flattering about them! They may keep your feet warm on cold winter days, but there are more attractive ways to keep your feet warm. Might I add that Uggs are even a warm weather trend, which only adds to the absurdity of this look!

2. Harem Pants - Now this can't be a surprise to anyone! I have seen this trend the world over and they just look plain dumpy! I have run across a style or two that look good, but the mainstream looking diaper style is just plain bad.

3. Jumpsuits - This reinvented look comes in a shorts and pant version. The shorts version seems to rate a little higher, but this look is extremely hard to pull off.

4. Leggings - I think the problem with this trend is that women think that regardless of what shape or size they are, that they can wear them. However, the stretchy material and form fitting nature of leggings are very unforgiving. I happen to love leggings! They are comfortable and work well with a long top or short dress. But I suggest you stay away from the new latex legging trend and stick with the more traditional ones.

5. Babydoll Dresses - This one surprises me! The thing men don't like about this trend is that it hides a woman's shape.

6. Animal Print - I wholeheartedly agree with this! I find animal print clothes to be tack y and cheap, but in a shoe, purse or accessory, it can be tasteful.

7. Clogs - Because of the chunky and unfeminine nature of these, they made the list. Opt for a shoe that isn't so heavy.

8. Highwaisted Pants - These are akin to "mom jeans" They are not flattering and tend to age a person and add bulk.

9. Neon - The 80s trend is back. However it tends to looks childish and clownish.

10. Gladiator Sandals - It seems that this disliked trend applies to the taller gladiator styles. Because of the busy nature of these sandals, they tend to cut and breakup the overall line of your body, adding the appearance of extra weight.

So, what do men like?

The fashion trend men liked the most was the maxi-dress.
Other fashion trends preferred by men were skinny jeans, A-line skirts and one shoulder dresses.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

St Louis Fashion Week Sept 7th to 11th

     St Louis Fashion Week runs from September 7th-11th, but unlike past years where one venue supported each night, this year every night features a different location. The event will cost $10 - $30 for individual tickets and $75 for a week long pass. Tickets can be purchased online at saintlouisfashionweek.com or at the door on event night. Best of all the fashion faithful will get happy hour, as well as opportunities to shop the collections early and perhaps with discounts. Event details below:
Tuesday, September 7
See the top 6 Brown Shoe Project:Design! finalists, Blue Bird Denim, Cavortress, Jezebel, Kristin Archibald, Roberto Mendes and ssonn, compete on the runway to claim the title of Brown Shoe Project:Design! Winner. Hair by The Salon Professional Academy. Makeup by Kelly K.
Location: Third Degree Glass Factory (5200 Delmar Boulevard, St. Louis, MO 63108)
Time: 6pm-10pm
Ticket cost: $10 online pre-sale; $10 at the door.

Wednesday, September 8
Rock'n the Runway at Saks Fifth Avenue
Celebrate Fashion Week with a Rock n' Roll themed runway show featuring men's and women's contemporary fashions presented by Saks Fifth Avenue. Shop till 9 pm as 10% of your total purchases, on a Saks Fifth Avenue store card, will be donated to St. Louis Children's Hospital. Fashions from Rebecca Taylor, Alice and Olivia, Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Theory, Vince, Tibi, Nanette Lepore, Joie, True Religion, BCBG, Milly, Rock & Republic, Versace Men, Scotch & Soda, Robert Graham. Makeup by Laura Mercier.
Location: Saks Fifth Avenue at Plaza Frontenac (1 Plaza Frontenac, St Louis, MO 63131)
Time: 6pm Select Pre-Party with live musical entertainment, 7pm Fashion Show, 8pm Shopping and live musical entertainment
Ticket cost: $15 online pre-sale; $20 at the door. 100% of ticket proceeds will go to St. Louis Children's Hospital.
*Ticket includes admittance to Rock’n the Runway (non-reserved seating), gift bag (first-come basis), complimentary appetizers from Eclipse Restaurant & Budweiser Select Happy Hour. 

Thursday, September 9
The Magic of Macy's
Join Macy’s as we showcase the Fall 2010 woman’s trends on the runway. Fashions from INC International Concepts, Alfani, Rachel Rachel Roy, Michael Michael Kors, Kensie, Calvin Klein, Miss Me, Buffalo David Bitton,Jessica Simpson, Coach and many more. Hair by Salon Papillon. Makeup by MAC Cosmetics. Guest will also receive 20% off any purchase from the Impulse and INC International Concept Departments during the event. Plus, be one of the first 200 guest to check in and get a FREE gift bag!
Location: Macy's St. Louis Galleria (1550 St. Louis Galleria, St. Louis, MO 63117)
Time: 6pm Select Pre-Party, 7pm Fashion Show, 8pm Shopping.
Ticket cost: $15 online pre-sale; $20 at the door. 100% of ticket proceeds will go to HavenHouse St. Louis.
*Ticket includes admittance to The Magic of Macy’s (non-reserved seating), gift bag (first-come basis), complimentary appetizers from JVincent's FoodEdge and Vito's Sicilian Pizzeria & Ristorante & Budweiser Select Happy Hour.

Friday, September 10
Indulge at Plaza Frontenac
Fashions by AK Anne Klein New York, Banana Republic, BCBG Max Azria, Chico’s, The Coach Store, Cole Haan, Eileen Fisher, Graphic Traffic, J.Jill, Kate Spade New York, Lucky Brand Jeans, lululemon athletica, Passport Luggage, Talbots, Tiffany & Co., Town & Country Bridal Boutique and Ylang -Ylang Fine Jewelry. Hair by Stonewater Spa. Makeup by MAC Cosmetics.
Location: Plaza Frontenac (1701 South Lindbergh Boulevard, St Louis, MO 63131)
Time: 6pm Select Pre-Party, 7pm Fashion Show, 8pm Shopping.
Ticket cost: $15 online pre-sale; $20 at the door. 100% of ticket proceeds will go to Fashion Group International Inc. Saint Louis.
*Ticket includes admittance to Indulge (non-reserved seating), gift bag (first-come basis), complimentary appetizers from Brio Tuscan Grille & Budweiser Select Happy Hour.

Saturday September 11
Bud Select Presents Liquid Style
Budweiser Select presents Liquid Style: An outdoor event featuring local STL boutique fashions from Eye Bar, Klutch Boutique, N V Showroom Boutique, Rung, Sole and Blues and footwear by Brown Shoe.
Location: Old Post Office Plaza (9th & Locust, St. Louis, MO 63101)
Time: 7pm Select Pre-Party, 8pm Fashion Show, 11pm Fashion Week Wrap-up at Pepper Lounge.
Ticket cost: $25 online pre-sale; $30 at the door.
*Ticket includes admittance to Liquid Style (non-reserved seating), gift bag (first-come basis), complimentary appetizers from Jade Lounge & Budweiser Select Happy Hour.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Vanity vs Insanity

When I use the word vanity, I realize it is subjective. What one person considers vain, another considers essential. Webster defines vanity as something valueless or empty. As an image consultant I see the value of taking pride in ones appearance, mostly because I understand that society and human nature dictates that how we look has a direct impact on the people and opportunities we draw to us. There is a fine line between taking pride in ones appearance and vanity. In turn, an even finer line between vanity and insanity. Like a disease, society's expectations of beauty are eating away at our very identity. Hollywood and the media dictate what you should look like, and for some reason, it is causing perfectly logical and sane people to abandon who they are and conform to some ideal. An unachievable one at that!  Were an unproportionately high number on Southern Californian women born with breasts too large for their emaciated frames and frozen faces? Every woman wants to be valued as an individual, and yet the growing trend is to purposely rid ourselves of what makes us a wonderfully unique individual. We grumble that we, as women, aren't taken seriously, respected or valued. But are we telling our children, mates, friends and colleagues that we take ourselves seriously, respect and value ourselves? Not when we dislike our appearance, our very identity, so much that we are willing to surgically alter our appearance, inject toxins into our face, and eat barely enough to sustain our bodies? If you don't like a personality trait you have, you may work to change that trait because you deem that part of you to be undesirable and worthy of changing. So, my stand is that when you change your appearance in such high risk ways, you're telling yourself and others, that there is something so wrong with you that not only needs fixing, but it is so undesirable that it's worth risking your health, even your life to fix it.  Webster Dictionary defines insanity as something utterly foolish or unreasonable. I rest my case!